Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Old Testament lesson

Day 291

I am thankful for Jacob, a patriarch of the Old Testament.   I've been reading a chronologically arranged study Bible.   Several days ago I finished the story of Jacob-who became Israel.   At the end of his life he gathered his sons to him and gave each a blessing.  He knew each one of his sons strengths and weaknesses and how they lived their lives for good or ill.

It reminded me of conversations I've had with my Dad and how he knows each of his children and their unique strengths and weaknesses.   I've been so taken by this new knowledge about Jacob and fathers that I have not been able to read further.  I keep going back to think about this again.

It finally came into my noggin that just as Jacob knew the good and the bad about his sons and that my Dad knows so much about us how much more does my heavenly Father know all of this and more about me.   Yes, this has been talked about so often over the years that we can know God the Father because of our fathers but to have such a specific example has been quite enlightening.   I may just go back and read it again.

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