Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sleepy Day

Day 123

I am thankful for naps and the time to take them.  I didn't sleep so well last night.  I'm thinking it's a combination of weather changes and allergies.  So, I napped a lot today.   Not too much else got done.  I frogged the afghan once again.  One of the ladies on the looming forum tells me I'm probably correct in thinking it's the type of yarn.  Maybe when I'm visiting family I can go to the craft store near my Sis and check out a different type of yarn.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Day 122

I am thankful to be able to meet online friends and acquaintances in person.  I finally made it to Tuesday night knitting group.  Lovely group of ladies.  It was fun to see their projects and get to know them by voice rather than by typeface.

I can't say I'll be a regular but since I didn't have bells or choir this week Tuesday seemed perfect for an evening out.

How many Lilac photos before You can smell their Scent?


There are so many lilac blossoms that I now have wafting fragrance.   I haven't found an ugly bloom yet.  Even fading they are very pretty.

Baby grasshopper or cricket?

Monday, March 29, 2010

At Home

Day 121

I'm thankful for a day at home to knit, tidy up a bit, nap, and watch t.v.  Spring break.

My newest knitting news is already posted for the day.  I didn't go out for pictures, flowers, or groceries today.  The pollen count is practically obscene so I'm staying in with my air purifier as much as I can.

Sis's Scarf

It's finished!  Whoohoooo!


Posting here for ease, speed, and photo size.  Sharing with some looming friends at Rav (Ravelry).

I've frogged again.  The knitting below is gone, gone, gone.   Here is a swatch of my next try:

Close up of fabric (and my thumb).  Lion Brand Homespun, single strand.  You can click on the photos to see them very, very large.

Just for fun, unblocked (right) and blocked (left): 

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Palm Sunday

Day 120

I am thankful for a quick visit from family and for festival days at church.  This afternoon my brother and my sil came through town on their way to Death Valley.  We had a quick bite to eat and off they went!   I'm glad to see them however briefly.

Palm Sunday brought me much music.  Choir sang, bells rang, organ played, processions, congregational hymns.  Ahhhhhhh.  Not that we didn't spend time on the message and meaning of what we celebrate and the joy and sorrow inherent in those lessons.  No, I tend to get caught up in the ceremony of it all.

First rose of the season.  This one is a mini-rose in a pot on the front patio.  

Several Amaryillis are pushing up blooms.   I always enjoy these:

And more Lilacs, such abundance on the front bush and the fragance is lovely.  
I'm enjoying all the shades of color:

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Clamps and Bolts

Day 119

I am thankful for hardware stores, big box or otherwise.  I need to call the local management.  I had, for the first time, a great experience shopping in a big box hardware store.  I was greeted by several employees, helped by 2, not rushed at all, and then given a friendly, "Thanks for shopping with us" by two more employees as I left.

I've been fiddling with a quilting frame trying to see if I could make it work to hold my big looms (so I don't have to).   My attempts to use clamps didn't work but I'll keep trying.  I think I may e-mail the manufacturer with what I want/need and see if they have an idea.

Off to take photographs on this warm, sunny day.   Because it's pollen city out there I'm trying not to go out too much.  This is a little bit before sunset:

Friday, March 26, 2010

Pretty Things

Day 118

I am thankful for a break from work.  It's spring break, whoohoo!   The big plans include some spring cleaning in the house, getting a tune up on the car, visiting with family, and celebrating the passion, death, and resurrection of my Savior, Jesus, the Christ. 

499 rows and 79 inches later my sister's scarf is finished!  I haven't blocked it yet (wash and shape) but here's the first photo of the completed project:

 We're having beautiful cool spring weather today.  It was cloudy yesterday with a storm front moving through.  Today was cool with a hint of warm on the way.    More Lilac photos:

My lilac bushes have never bloomed this much.  I'm loving it!

Wordle of the Week:

Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Little Looking Back

Day 117

I am thankful for Jennie.  We share a history that extends to my first months here, twenty four years long.  I was culling old boxes today and found construction paper books that we had made our first year in the classroom together.   We are, for a few more months, at the same site for the 3rd time in our careers.  I had to hop down and share a moment in time with her.   This is a good friendship.

I was also sorting through children's books that I intend to give to my niece.  I became quite wistful thinking about working with young children.  Then, I opened a box of charts and posters that I had packed two moves and six years ago.   I was so very good in my last program.  It was the perfect job for me.  It suited every skill and strength I have.  I had a little moment of sadness looking through those charts, many handmade.  Then, I remembered that for 21 years I had the best job-the perfect job for me.  Not many people can say that.   I am grateful to have had all those years.

Front yard Lilacs in the sunlight.  I think these are the biggest lilac blossoms I've had:

The white lilacs are almost out:

 Apricots look to be as abundant as their blossoms:

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Day 116

I am thankful for the anticipation of a vacation.   Hehehe.   I think the entire staff at work took a deep breath this week and relaxed a little knowing that we have a week off next week.  It's a nice feeling.

Daffodil Days

Day 115   Tuesday, March 23

I am thankful for daffodils.   Our Daffodil Days daffodils arrived at work.   I have vases ready to go to work so I can share the flowers tomorrow.  (Daffodil Days, if you don't know, is a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.)

I'll try to remember to take a photo before I share them around.  Added 3/25:

For now the Lilacs are happily blooming away:

Monday, March 22, 2010

Yes, I am a hog

Day 114

I am thankful for GABC (that would be the G6, A6, B6, and C7 handbells).   We had an absent ringer tonight and I joyfully picked up her bells and mine to maintain the melody line. ~insert grunting and snorting bell hog noises here~ I was not able to play all the "7s" we share between us but I did occasionally catch the D7 and most of my attendant sharps and flats.

Great fun!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Around the Yard

Day 113

I am thankful yet again for a day of rest.  Most of my achy-ness is gone.  I've napped and knitted the day away.

These are from a quick walk around the yard.  Lilacs:

Amaryllis on their way:

More of the Aloe Blossom:

One of the first Apricots to show, it's now bigger than the tip of my pinkie finger:

Spring Ring!

Day 112  Saturday, March 20

I am thankful for the entire day.

I am thankful for those who dedicated so much time in planning and preparing.  I am thankful for our clinician/director for his hard work.  I am thankful for 9 choirs and over 90 ringers and their directors.  I am thankful for families of ringers who worked so hard for us.  I am thankful for our Director of Worship and Fine Arts for his support and musicianship.  I am thankful for the church staff who step in with little bits of time and knowledge.  I am thankful for the music and the instruments.

What a great day we had!  And yes, I am "rung" out.

I couldn't even post last night I was so tired.  Now I'm merely achy, heheh.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Sizzling Rice Soup

Day 111

I am thankful for the marvelous food at Great Castle restaurant.  We have a fun, very chatty dinner with bell choirs from Claremont and La Verne.  Too bad not very many of our own group were able to come.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

In my Inbox

Day 110

What was I thankful for yesterday?  Work, church, music....oh, I remember.  I am thankful that people have thoughtfully given their time and words to create this year's Lenten devotionals.  I am thankful that they appear in my inbox every morning and for the people who make that happen.

In my front yard:

My lilacs seem to bloom best after cold, dry winters.   The late winter-early spring rains probably helped, too.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In Song

Day 109

I am thankful for Wednesday evenings at choir.  I know I've probably been here before but that's ok.  We're working on Palm Sunday through Holy Week music.  Tonight it's the somber Kyrie Eleison that is sticking in my mind.   I'm thankful to have these musical reminders of the journey Jesus Messiah took for me.

After a beautiful rainy season it's good to see blue skies and sunsets again:

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Day 108

Barefoot!  I am thankful to be barefoot.  I feel like I've been trapped in socks for the longest time.  Coming soon-sandals and slides, canvas sneakers-yay!

This aloe vera plant puts up a flower stalk every spring.  None of the rest of the aloe vera in the yard or house do.  I didn't notice that in one of the recent storms the pot had been tipped over.  The flowers are all curled from reaching for the sun.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Time Changitis

Day 107

I am thankful for Daylight Savings Time.  I really don't feel all that thankful as tired as I am today.  But, I know that I am going to relish the longer afternoons.

Two late bloomers:

One of the first apricots next to my pinkie finger:

There is one slightly larger but up too high to have it's picture taken.

Sunday 3/14

Day 106

I am thankful for a friend who becomes more dear to me every year, Dad's wife.  She is traveling a difficult path with Dad with such thoughtfulness and grace.

I enjoyed more time with family today.  It has been a lovely day and such a good visit.   Today included a walk around the neighborhood ending up at a nearby park for their annual Almond Blossom Festival.  Just the right size to walk around and be finished before you're tired of it.

Another good drive back home.  I went on a bit of a wild goose chase trying to find a spot for a photo of purple fields just off the freeway.  (probably lupine)  Never did find a place for a photo but I did travel through a lot of agriculture at the south end of the valley.

This is the Antelope Valley looking toward Tehachapi:

The very white snow capped peak can be seen from both the Antelope Valley and the San Joaquin Valley sides of the Tehachapi range.  I wonder what its name is?