Friday, March 5, 2010

White and Pink on Sticks

Day 97

I am thankful for avocados.  I am very thankful for avocados that only cost 50 cents.  Yum.

It's surprisingly cold here today (well, cool really).   There is a cold front moving in and we should get another bit of rain in the morning.  Clouds were building late this afternoon.   Rain is good!  Snow in the mountains is better!   It was lovely at lunch time.  I walked 3 laps during Mileage Club.  Then, after the kids were off to their general ed. classes I let my assistants talk me into two more laps.  My legs are tired but it's good to know I can do it.  A little more every week!

I remembered to take the scarf outside and take a photo today.  I'm estimating the length at 46 inches.  At this rate I'll only need 1/2 of the next skein to finish it.  I'm still enjoying the yarn, the loom, and the pattern.

This is about half its length:

 A closer view of the yarn.  This is fairly true to the color:

Blossoms, blossoms, blossoms!  I think I should name my house The Apricot Inn and start taking reservations for a "pick your own" B and B.   Every day there have been more and more and more blossoms on the tree.  I found a wasps' nest (good wasp, not paper wasp) under the eaves.  The bug man says they are very good at pollinating and don't care for people.  Once the blossoms are gone they move on and I can rinse the nest remains away with a hose.  See what I mean?  More and More!

Mayhem of sticks view:

My favorite little group:

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