Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oooooo, Chilly!

Day 102

I am thankful for weather!  We've had sprinkles, sun, clouds, and c-c-cold today.  My students are enjoying the changing of the season and looking forward to wearing shorts and short sleeve shirts.   Many have new spring clothes and are wearing them although it's very chilly these last couple of days.

Choir sang in church this evening.  I haven't been coming to Lenten services and I was quite surprised by the low turn out.  It may have been the weather keeping folks away, though.

I took a short drive toward the mountains but I don't think I took any better shots.  This one is from the old highway south of town.  There is a long stretch of palms on the west side of the avenue.  They are enormous.  It's very hard to tell how tall and massive they are in my photo.  They are nearly as tall as the mature Eucalyptus at the end of this section of trees.    Sometime I'll have to get back that way and take of picture of my car next to a tree.   It would really look like a Match Box car!

Photo fun-click on the picture to make it bigger.   You can see that the power lines are fairly close.  They actually run between two rows of trees.  The power lines looked normal height to me as I was driving.  I'm guessing that fence is a 6 foot fence.  There are quite a few "horse properties" along this stretch of road.

3/12  I went back this afternoon and really looked at those trees again.  The wire between the palms is on shorter utility poles that are about 2/3 the height of regular sized poles.  The palms vary in height from about the height of a old style utility pole to nearly the height of newer, taller utility poles in the area.  Up close and personal they are impressive and still massive.

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