Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Little Looking Back

Day 117

I am thankful for Jennie.  We share a history that extends to my first months here, twenty four years long.  I was culling old boxes today and found construction paper books that we had made our first year in the classroom together.   We are, for a few more months, at the same site for the 3rd time in our careers.  I had to hop down and share a moment in time with her.   This is a good friendship.

I was also sorting through children's books that I intend to give to my niece.  I became quite wistful thinking about working with young children.  Then, I opened a box of charts and posters that I had packed two moves and six years ago.   I was so very good in my last program.  It was the perfect job for me.  It suited every skill and strength I have.  I had a little moment of sadness looking through those charts, many handmade.  Then, I remembered that for 21 years I had the best job-the perfect job for me.  Not many people can say that.   I am grateful to have had all those years.

Front yard Lilacs in the sunlight.  I think these are the biggest lilac blossoms I've had:

The white lilacs are almost out:

 Apricots look to be as abundant as their blossoms:

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