Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Blossoms a'poppin'

Day 95

I am thankful that I had time this afternoon for a grand pause between work and evening.  I needed time to sit and regroup and there it was.

Knitting is zipping along.  The current scarf is now a little over 40 inches with just a bit of the first skein to go.   I'm quicker now, making different mistakes, catching most of them, and better at fixing them.  Still, I'm often surprised when I look over what I've knitted how I've managed to goof something in a way I hadn't before. 

Rain was in our forecast today but the % chance was so low I didn't think we'd see any.  Lovely surprise to hear rain on the patio roof at the end of the day.

The apricot tree continues to bud and bloom.  I thought at the end of last season I'd lost much more of the tree to disease but it's poppin' with blossoms.

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