Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Day 94

I am thankful for compassionate co-workers and students.  I developed a migraine this morning and everyone in the room was fine with half the lights out and me making whatever adjustments I needed.  Meds got the worst of it but I've been light sensitive all day.

Rumors abound regarding the state of the offer by district on pay cuts, furloughs and such.  I suspected that first offer was more bluff than substance.  It's what district would do if there were no union to protect teacher jobs and salaries.   Some classified employees are reporting much, much smaller pay cuts on the table to their union.  Typically, in the end, everyone gets the same deal.  Now if everyone would just settle down and let our negotiations team do their job I think we'd all be more peaceful.  

We've had a tiny bit of wet today with very pretty skies.  I don't think my photos do the day justice.

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