Thursday, December 2, 2010


Continuing in Thankfulness

I am thankful for creativity.   One of the aspects of my job is using creativity to solve the puzzle of figuring out what a student needs and how to change that need into a strength or at least not a point of weakness.

A gift of the Creator, well nurtured by Mom, is my enjoyment of creating by crafting with fibers and fabrics.  I worked on a project this evening to personalize an apron so I can carry what I need to recess and lunch with the children and not have my hands full of sunglasses, tissues, wipes, and keys.   It's not finished but here are some photos:

 Ms Bee's Apron

Autumn in my front yard.
God's Creativity.

Classroom Creativity


  1. Cute, cute post! Love the turkey, leaves, bee apron, blessing of your mom's gift of creativity. Made me smile!

  2. Hee hee, I had a fun evening. I need more of these. That turkey was so much fun. The assistants set it all up and told me how to write the go home note. I was thinking, "not a chance we'll get those back."

    Surprise me! So cute and every one was different.


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