Sunday, November 29, 2009


Day 1  And here I begin!

It's time for a new blog and I'm going to try a version of a 365 photo blog. I'm going to try to post 365 days of thankfulness.

It started on facebook with the Thanksgiving Challenge to post one thing every day to be thankful about. I think I can do it for a year!

To begin: I'm thankful for the Internet. Without it I'd be less instantly connected to family, missing many new friends, and may not be loom knitting. And, er, towels. I'm not always so thankful to have to fold towels and other laundry. In fact, sometimes in doing so I let myself get downright cranky. But, I have the means to live in a house, pay the mortgage, furnish the house, feed and clothe myself, and buy new towels now and then (not to mention yarn). All of these are gifts from God and I'm going to work on my thankfulness and enjoyment of His gifts.

Family, missing Dad and his wife, brother-in-law and nephew (and his sweetheart):

My latest knitting project:

This lovely cowl has a simple lace pattern in it-see the open swirls? Pretty. The yarn is Peruvian Tweed and I'm pretty sure I bought yet another alpaca yarn. The cowl is going to be a gift and that's enough discussion of that!

Me, trying on the finished cowl. It's just how I wanted it to be!:

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