Monday, November 30, 2009

Wreaths and Ringing

Day 2

I can already tell that I'm going to argue with myself about posting every day. I still want to so hopefully wanting will always win over not feeling like it.

I am thankful today for the Christmas Wreath that my sister and her husband send every year. They've been doing this ever since they bought the house they are in now. At my old house my front door faced north. With our winter chill and the humidity of tule fog the wreaths would often last through to February. At this house my front door faces south. The door is mostly out of the sun and I can even hang the wreath on the east wall of the porch facing south so it gets less sun.

I'm thankful for bell choir! Christmas music and bells seem to be made for each other. Our director has chosen some lovely pieces. We're especially enjoying Carillon for Advent. I'm not remembering composer/arranger at the moment.

I'm thankful for Mary. I'm thankful that she is strong and cheerful after experiencing heartbeat irregularities last week that sent her to the hospital for an overnight stay.

I'm thankful for the chill in the air, sweaters, and socks.

Me, with Mary, Georgia, too:

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