Sunday, October 3, 2010

Thinking, thinking.

Day 310

I am thankful for much food for thought.  Choir retreat is over and we are left meditation on change.  The question I usually come back to is how to manage change.  I think that in all of our talking prayer seems to be the way most of us in choir do our best with change.

We started the retreat on one tack and our guest speaker was suddenly called away (praying for healing for his father-in-law).  We didn't get to finish his work sheets.  At one point we were working on the idea of setting spiritual growth goals and then the benefit of having an accountability partner.   I'm having some difficulty with both of these concepts and it was good to hear from people who accepted and used these ideas and from those who feel that God works more "organically" in our lives and we grow through our study and our response to our life experiences.    I'm beginning to think I fall more on the side of "organic" growth.   Work on knowing God and the rest will follow.

Another part of all of this for me is the idea that "everyone at church" is doing this.  Nothing makes me want to run for a different study faster.  I need to make sure I'm not resisting some of the ideas of the weekend simply because everyone else is "doing it" rather than exploring to see if this suits me.

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