Sunday, October 31, 2010


Day 338

I am thankful for the power of Worship.  I am joyfully surprised by moments when I am deeply moved during the Service of the Word.  It being Reformation Sunday the service was filled with familiar hymns.  We heard A Mighty Fortress on the organ and sang it as a hymn and as a choir anthem.   As a festival Sunday we had choir, orchestra, a processional and a recessional.  If that wasn't enough the sermon was fully inspired with much to hear.

It was the words of the hymns and of the liturgy that touched me today.  That and being in the new chapel.  I could hear the congregation speaking with one voice.  The entire experience was a testament to meeting God in worship, the faithfulness of the congregation in building, the leadership of our staff, and the power of architecture.  It's not that the building is beautiful.  I'm not so sure if it is or it isn't.  But, I am sure it's designed to inspire and unite those who come and join the service.

Outside, the newest addition:

I've never seen this on a church before and I'm not quite sure I understand it.   It's called a crown of thorns.  Yes, I understand the symbolism but I don't understand it's place on the building.


  1. It's an interesting decoration. Not sure if I like it or not. It does seem to radiate outward, like sun rays and echoes the semicircular front. Had you seen this in the architectural plans before? To me it sort of looks like something that might be quickly dated, but I may be wrong.

  2. Yeah, and it overshadows the cross. I'm sure that wasn't the intention but it happened. I'm not attracted to it or by it and it doesn't light me up.

    I realized today that what lights me up is the acoustics of the chapel. The rest I haven't warmed up to yet. The acoustics, though, wowie-zowie.

    Very few of the plans were fully public because they changed so often. Once they were finalized they weren't put out because we can be critical. Like, I hate the poopy-beige color inside. Really, I really do.

    I know some people saw them. We had quite a focus group model going on for a while.


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