Monday, November 1, 2010

Ring Out!

Day 339

I am thankful for one more new experience in the new chapel at church.  We held our bell rehearsal in the chapel this evening.  I thought the experience would be more spectacular but I learned that the person ringing the bell is not going to be the person benefiting from the acoustics.   I did notice, though, that the bells sound like bells again.  Our bells sound great!  The muffliness of ringing in an acoustically dead space is gone.  A greater benefit to the bell ringers is that we could hear each other.  I could hear every part and every bell.   It took a while but we were noticing when we were off, when key changes were rough (and why), who had the melody, that cool run in the lower trebles, the "let vibrate" undercurrent of the bass to the treble melody and harmony.   We're able to hear when one part overwhelms another and even better-we can fix it!   My reaction was much more subtle than when we first, second, and third time sang in the chapel but no less deep in it's impact.   Joy multiplied.

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