Sunday, November 7, 2010

Finishing projects

Day 345

I am thankful for time to get projects done.  I finished the blue scarf/shawlette today.  I finished the premie hats for a colleague a couple days ago but hadn't taken pictures until tonight.

I think it's perfect!

Couldn't stop at two. 


  1. Wow, you have been a busy knitter! I love the shawlette. The ribbing is charming. I did about 2" more on mine today. Slow going...

  2. Thanks, it's a new favorite. Slow and steady. I managed an inch or two 3 evenings a week and just sat and knit for two Saturdays. It helped this weekend that I have a cold and that the weather was yucky. I wasn't tempted to go out. You'll get it done eventually and it will be much appreciated.


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