Friday, November 26, 2010


Day 364

I am thankful for the companionship of family.  We shopped a little, had a picnic at a winery, saw miniature donkeys and a zebra-donkey hybrid, a zonkey!  Later Sis and I went to the craft store to look for a coordinating yarn and I came home with none!  Shocking.   After a wonderful dinner some of us watched Avatar, my first viewing and everyone elses 2nd or 3rd.

It was all easy, kind, loving, and companionable.  I love that there is no stress, no strife, no arguing, no drama.  What a wonderful blessing this family of mine is.  I am continuing in thankfulness for the parents who raised us all, for the marvelous spouses, for friends who have become like family, for my brothers and sisters who will always be my first home no matter where life finds us.

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