Saturday, November 27, 2010


Day 365

I wandered back through the days and found at least 8 counting errors.  I think I'll be fixing them!  I also found two placeholder posts so I owe myself two more days of thankfulness, lol!  Update:  I've recounted a couple times and I'm calling today 365!  I do owe myself a couple posts.

I am thankful for a peaceful day of craft fair and arts and crafts store shopping.  I found a couple of gift items and a fun tree of jingle bells that Sis pointed out.   She and I had another companionable day together.  Then I had a nice drive home.  I didn't beat the storm but it wasn't wet until I got into the valley.  The clouds and mountains make for a pretty drive.  I don't think any of my front seat photos came out.

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