Friday, June 11, 2010

195 Or, is that 170 to go?

Day 195

Wow, that just snuck up on me.  Two hundred days of thankfulness.   There has been a lot of overlap but it's only been more than a thought on a handful of days what to be thankful about.  Usually I start writing, "I am thankful for..." and it appears.   Cool.

I have nothing planned to commemorate 200 but to keep on going.  Ah, I've still been counting wrong.   Corrected at top.

I am thankful for things to be thankful for, for family, friends, work, faith, home, church, activity, song and music, bells, flowers and plants, apricots, travel, a Kindle and other assorted gadgets, down time, busy time, housework, shopping, and all the little gifts of each day. 

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