Wednesday, June 2, 2010

ONE, one more school day!

Day 186

I am thankful for chocolate cake.  Yum.  And, I'm thankful that my classroom is mostly cleaned and packed.  My assistants and the kids did some crafts for a bit this morning while I sorted through more classroom detritus.  Then, they all left!  I was able to get most of the room packed, boxes labeled and sorted, and start a list for tomorrow.  Whew.  This afternoon I reserved a truck and rented a storage unit.  Principal checks me out at 3:20 tomorrow afternoon.  Whoop!

I found a surprise this afternoon, well, two surprises:

Yet another new pink Calla Lily:

And this small fella, about 2 inches long was 
in one of my potted plants.  He hopped out as I 
was watering.   With our long, wet spring it's nice to
provide habitat for a mosquito eater!

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