Tuesday, June 1, 2010

TWO, two days and counting!

Day 185

I am thankful for photos.  The mom of my bell choir friend who recently died sent out a call for pictures.  I'm glad I had several and that there were several more at our yahoogroups site that I was able to send to her.

I learned that my teeny tiny Santolinas are related to daisies and sunflowers.  No wonder they make me happy.   Sunflowers and daisies make me happy, too!


And it might be a trick of the light but......

I think they have a yellow tinge.

I've decided these are Trinity Lilies.  (instead of Easter Lilies)

Last three pink Callas.  Now that it's getting warm I don't expect
more pinks.  Still hoping for yellows, though.

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