Friday, June 4, 2010


Day 188   Friday 6/4/10

I am thankful for the official, in school year terms, start of Summer!  It feels like summer is here.  The temps are coming up. 

After the staff breakfast and a few good-byes I came home and finished packing for my weekend with Dad.  When I arrived my Sis had her Peru photos all ready on the computer ready to view.  It sure looks like a great trip.  And....she brought me yarn for my birthday.  Alpaca yarn straight from Peru.  What could be better!  After a nice dinner out with Sis and Dad she left for home and Dad and I settle in for the evening.   I'm also thankful for family and the time to be with them. 

From my backyard:

Next to the garage:

On the way to Dad's:

I'm thinking that's not Owl's Clover on the hillside but I don't know what it is.  I enjoyed the change of colors in the mountains from greens to tawny tans and in the valleys from spring green to summer sage.

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