Sunday, July 18, 2010

A friendly gathering

Day 233

I am thankful for the gathering of the faithful.  It was fun to see friends at church this morning.   I stuck around long enough to greet folks coming in to second service so I saw a lot of friends.

It is still hot.   I'm looking forward to some relief this week and I think the yard is, too.   Here are two of my roses morning (left) and evening today (right):

I am able to knit a little more but I have to remember to stop before I get tired.


  1. The baby yarn is so pretty! Glad you can knit again, at least in short spurts. I haven't even pick up the looms you let me borrow yet, as I've been so busy with bathroom remodel. It's warm over here on the coast, so I know you must be bakin' in Bakersfield!

  2. Thanks, It's one of my favorite baby yarns. I'm glad, too. I was getting a little cabin feverish.

    We're due for the weather to cool a bit, 95 by Wed.


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