Friday, July 30, 2010

Figuring out a thumb.

Day 245

I am thankful for trying something new.  I am learning how to put a thumb on a mitten.  Well, it's really a fingerless mitt but I've been wanting thumbs.   The only loomed thumbs that I've seen stick straight out from the mitt.  I wanted a "gusseted" thumb that gives more ease of movement.   I think I have the basic shape and how to knit it on the loom at the same time as the mitt.  Now I have to figure out how to attach it as the rest of the mitt progresses.  Nothing like a good puzzle!  No pictures yet.  Maybe as I construct the second mitt.

For today's pictures....yet another rose bud and another puppy pic.

Shivers has only been here two days but he patrols the yard like it's his.  He barks at the neighbor's dogs but the big golden retrievers in the house behind seem to intimidate him.  They have big barks.

And this is a surprise from my dear niece!  I have a growing collection of these on my backyard fences. 

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