Saturday, July 31, 2010

Read a book!

Day 246

I am thankful for books!  Lots and lots of books!  I updated my "read, read, read" page today.  Oh my, I didn't realize I had so many new books on my Kindle.  I am also thankful for free and very inexpensive books.  They are now alphabetized and updated. 

Shivers has a new favorite place to sit during quiet times.  7-10 p.m. is not quiet time.

The yellow scarf is moving along.  I'm learning how to hold things and how long I can work.


  1. I like the shot of Shivers and his favorite place to sit. Cute! I like the look of the "yellow" scarf too, but it doesn't look yellow, but that lovely shade of peachy-orange that I love. If you ever feel like making a wrap for me, I'd like a shawl that I can take with me to places like weddings to look fancy, but be lightweight and take the chill off. Something like a light grey or muted blues might be nice. That's my wish list. :)

  2. Something like this:

  3. Hey! I was thinking of a wrap/shawl for you. I'll look at your link! The yellow does have a nice peach tone in it. The colorway is "Sunshine".


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