Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Reads and Roses

Day 229

I am thankful for an interesting read.  I've been reading The Shadow and Night by Chris Walley.   It's set well into the future and after an extended period of societal peace and expansion.  Within the expansion are built in rigid norms.  Now the furthest settlement is isolated and both peace and the societal norms are threatened.  It's well written enough to keep my interest but the premise disturbs me.  The peaceful society is the absence of evil in a controlled, presumably Christian, theology.  I finally decided that up until now it's the lack of free will that is bothering me about the premise.  It will be interesting to see if what disturbs me is resolved or if the premise will remain in the background. 

Roses are among the few flowers still blooming.  Gotta love roses:

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