Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Giving it away

Day 257

I am thankful for a quick visit with friends and family.   We had a little dinner at Panera's and off they drove heading home from a few days camping at Shaver.  I had a quiet day with a little knitting and a little reading.

It looks like August is charity knitting month.  I'm happy for that because knitting is  more fun when it's for someone or to benefit someone.  I decided to continue making hats for the Hats for Hunger project and to knit a scarf for Special Olympics Winter 2011 athletes.  This year they are hoping for 2500 scarves to be donated.  The colors are Red Heart cherry red and Red Heart white.  Knitters and crocheters can use any pattern.  The size should be 5" wide and 55" long. (just in case you thought you might want to join in!)  Scarves-for-special-olympics

My second scarf for the bell choir fundraiser is finished:


  1. Good for you! You sound so much like my Nana...:) She always said that she LOVED to give her work away for 2 reasone. 1. People could NEVER pay her for all of the work and time that she put into most of her creations. 2. The joy that it brings to someone else makes it worthwhile! :)

  2. Thanks! I know what a lovely woman she was and I'm happy to be compared to her.


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