Sunday, August 15, 2010


Day 261

I am thankful for sermons that make a person think.  We're still studying Jonah-who knew that four chapters of Jonah would have so much to talk about.  Today the message was about doing what God has set before you to do.  I've been "getting there" all summer about starting another new position at yet another new school.  Today's message reinforced what I've known and what my sister reminds me of....this job is mine to do.   Welcome back to preschool, Ms. B.

I was so scattered today.  I ran a couple errands after church and forgot little things at both stops.  I couldn't settle in with anything I did today.  Turns out it was a migraine brewing and thank goodness for meds, both prescription and OTCs.

Even so, I did get a little knitting and a little wrapping/tying done. 

Another "boy" hat:
The next scarf section:

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