Monday, August 16, 2010

Stop and go

Day 262

I am thankful for getting errands done.  6 for 6 today.   The new school is quite chaotic right now between start of school and some last minute moving of classrooms.  I can't ask for help with furniture being moved, the computer to be set up, or where things are kept because all the people needed for those things are busy, busy, busy.   I'm hoping this is not typical but I suspect it's fairly normal.   I just need to learn the best times to snag people when they might have a minute.

Yarn projects are moving right along:

These butterfly looms are easy to string but the tying, with this particular yarn, is rough on my fingers.  I'll have to try the loom again with a different yarn and tying technique.  

And a little more on the boy's hat:

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