Sunday, April 25, 2010

Another Wildflower Jaunt

Day 148

I am thankful for whims.  I had thought about visiting Dad and his dear wife but made no plans.  I decided after church this morning to give a call and see if it was ok to head over.  Yes, yes it was!  The plan was for me to take Dad out to lunch as they are preparing to go on a trip but it ended up with all three of us going to a local diner (Scrambles).  Then I was treated to a short trip to a nearby field of Poppies!

In person it seemed so much more orange but I think part of the yellow of this photo is having the sun to the side.  

The poppies look very yellow in the strong afternoon sun:

Here's Dad, again.  The poppies look more orange with the sun on my back.

It's so hard to stop taking photos!  I came into the valley from the north.   Looking across the valley the poppies were an orange blaze that went on for miles.   I drove back home heading east and then back to the north.  The entire valley floor and foothills seemed to be one wash of color after another.  The poppies were the dominant color but there were miles of goldfields and acres of school bus yellow fiddlenecks.  

Back at home the white amaryllis opened.  I think it might be my favorite:

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