Monday, April 26, 2010

Tipping back into uncertainty

Day 149

I am thankful for stepping back into working as a speech and language pathologist.   I attended my first SLP meeting this morning where the group with the director hashed out staffing needs.  An opportunity appeared that wasn't available a month ago.  I will most likely be returning to my roots in preschool-special ed/speech and language.  I want to be thrilled but I'm back to 95% sure means a 5% chance that we're not sure.  hooboy.

I drove by the Ripley Desert Woodland preserve on the way home yesterday but didn't take the time to hike around.  I had noticed this stand of Joshua Trees (yucca brevifolia) on my last trip and thought I'd see if I could find it for a picture of a blossom.   I did!

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  1. I actually learned to knit on the Knifty Knitter looms before I took my second turn on trying to knit on needles. I still have my looms tucked away in my closet.


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