Friday, April 30, 2010


Day 153

I am thankful for a day off.  I took today off to get a couple things looked at on my car.  Wheel alignment was easy and not expensive.  But, at the 2nd place the mechanic couldn't get my car to do it's hesitation during acceleration while he was driving.  On the positive side his engine diagnostic shows my 7 year old little car is in good shape.  Of course, it only has 52,000 miles on it.  It should be in good shape.

I'm going to try to find someone from work who lives close to me to drive me to work so I can drop the car off at the mechanic's shop.  Then he can drive it cold and hopefully catch the problem.

I'm not sure why but we have water in our river bed.  Maybe it's that the California snow pack is at 130% of normal and we're getting an early distribution.  Could be anything from a canal needing to be drained for service to a local water company's using the river bed to recharge the below ground aquifer.  We're not used to water in our river bed.  I'm startled everytime I catch a glimpse.    Looking west:

Yet another storm has added to the snow pack.  Turning to the south:

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