Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Creative Spark

Day 145

I am thankful for old calendars.  I had saved a stack a few years ago.  This week I cleaned out the bottom of a drawer and there they were.  We were going to let the kids do writing projects with them after state testing but the students have been so stressed out we decided to relax a bit today.  Just being able to choose a picture seemed to set off a spark in a lot of the kids.  They wrote or dictated little stories and then set about mounting them on construction paper and adding their own touches.  I enjoyed the change in energy and I know the children did, too.

I don't remember if I bought a potted chrysanthemum or if it was a gift but it budded out this spring and bloomed.   I remember taking my 3rd grade teacher chrysanthemums and she knew I knew how to spell it.  I didn't know how she knew that.  I did know I could.

It's a little hard to see but the mountains south and east of town are snow capped.  For the last two days we've had a cold storm blow through.  For the first time ever I turned my heater on in April.   Temperatures are usually high 70s to low 80s by now with some spikes into the 90s.  It was 60*F today.  My house was even chillier. 

(click on it to see the photo large.)

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