Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Learning Old Things and New Things

Day 143

I am thankful for reruns of old favorite programs.  I ran across Star Trek, TNG one night last week and again tonight.  Tonight's episode is one of my favorites when Data is shocked by an unknown device and begins to dream. 

I learned today that amaryllis do not like a good soaking of rain while santolina do.  The amaryllis are fine but a little curlier than they were before.  Maybe they'll look better once they dry out.   My little favorite santolinas are showing color now.   Right now the flowers are about a quarter inch across.  

 We're having a late season storm.  The temperature dropped quite a bit around 11 a.m.  Wind howled, old leaves swirled off the school roof, and rain came in at a slant.  We had a gentle rain on and off for the rest of the afternoon after the first burst of bluster.  A bit of winter and a bit of spring all in one.   The local mountains are again snow capped.   Tomorrow is to be colder and wet again.

Because of the weather we had indoor recess.  8 RSP kids came in with me.  I had two playing math games on the smart board, three on the computers, two building with lego, and one making a pot-holder for his Grandma. 

 This was the view on the way to work today:

I also learned what a Googlewhack is.  I'm going to be participating in a knit/crochet blog week through a Ravelry group.   The woman organizing decided to create our own unique group tags to include in our posts or tags.  Anyone with the tags can enter them into a Google search and find all the posts for the group participating in the blog week.  I'm looking forward to adding to my thankfulness posts for a week.  The topics are lined up and we begin Monday, I think.  Might be Sunday but I'll check in before then. 

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