Friday, April 23, 2010

It's not magic

Day 146

I am thankful for the students we work with everyday.  They challenge and inspire all three of us.  We do good work but there are times I wish for a magic wand.   Some of my students want to do better and go farther and, so far, can't.   We'll keep plugging away hoping that knowledge, intuition, and inspiration lead to a direction before hope fades for any of them.

The Amaryllis Show:

The Apricots...this is the time of spring when I need to pretend I don't have a fruit tree.  Keep it watered but pretend it isn't there.  It feels like the growing has stalled.  It has not.  Sweet apricots take 4 months.  It has only been 2 months.   There, I can stop wondering if all is well in apricot land. 

Sweet William or dianthus.  Pretty with either name.

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