Thursday, May 20, 2010

Counting down

Day 173

I am thankful for people who answer God's call to their hearts to take his love out into the world and minister to people who may or may not yet know Him.  My sil called attention to a missionary couple who are seeking warm wear for people where they minister.  I don't have much finished right now but I can keep these missionaries and people in my prayers and begin to save some hats and scarves for another day's shipment.

Audible countdowns are heard all over the school campus.  Some teachers and kids are counting total days until school is out.  Not me.  I'm counting actual days with children.  10.  There are ten days with students.  I have half of my report cards, a chunk of paper work, two cums, 14 classroom files, and some packing.  I think it's going to get done.   I haven't walked away on the last day finished and checked out ever.  It's my goal this year.  Nothing left over-no paperwork, no IEPs, no packing, there shall be nothing to do but shake a few hands, hug a few friends, and say good-bye and have a great summer.

We had another late spring storm system roll through today.  It was cloudy for much of the day and still cool.  The 5 day report has us under normal temps.  It was a good day for Santolinas.  Without the bright sunlight the sage gray color of the foliage is more green.    Not the best photo of the day but I like it the best. 

The top flower is almost a little puff ball of tiny opened blossoms. 

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