Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just Right

Day 172

I am thankful for unexpected finds.  I've been using a backpack for a purse and it has solved most of my problem with shoulder pain.  But, it's HUGE.  I put way to much in it.   Every time I'm in a department store of any kind I take a stroll through the purses, backpacks and travel bags.   Purse backpacks are too small and don't always fit well.  Totes are too large and I don't do well with one big pocket.  Purses are off limits at the moment.  Today I was in the camping section at target.  They carry these half-size day packs that are essentially hydration packs with a pocket for essentials.  Perfect!  I found one that fits my kindle, wallet, camera, and cell....and very little else.  Yay!  I can't possible stuff it with too much stuff.  If I need to take something else I need to take something out.   ha.

The pack:

New calla lily:

Sunrise Santolinas:

Check out the teeny, tiny little pistol or stamen-the little part that looks like the golden arches.

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