Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Endings, 6 school days and counting

Day 178

I am thankful for drumstick ice cream cones.  We had our end of year class party today even though we still see groups for another couple days.   The kids enjoyed the treat and making bracelets.  I took in my giant box of beads and added some pony beads.  The kids made bracelets strung on elastics made for kids jewelry.  It was fun to see the patterns or lack thereof that they chose.  One boy told us that he felt calm when he was doing a craft activity-something he had discovered when he made potholders during our lunch crafting time.  His mom went out and bought him a potholder loom and loops.  I have plenty of leftover loops that I can send home with him. Neat discovery.

Spring continues to stretch on.  I found two more pink calla lilies coming up and the Easter lily is blooming!  My santolina patch is a blaze of cheerful yellow.  The apricots, I believe, are waiting for a bit of heat before they ripen.  I saw commercially grown apricots in the store that have to be a different variety.   We have predicted temps in the 80s beginning this weekend.  That will be good for the apricots!  I won't mind warmer temps, either.  It's been delightful having extended cool weather but it's starting to just feel wrong.  When summer heat hits it's going to feel worse than it is.

Today's flower show:


  1. I have two more days of teaching then computers end for the year. The kids are soooo sweet. Most years I get hand-written thank you notes, but today I had all the students in one class share verbal thanks. The original "thank you" was prompted by the teacher, but then one girl added her special, specific thanks, and down the row it went. I loved it.

  2. That is lovely. How sweet of them.


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