Saturday, May 29, 2010

A time to Mourn

Day 182

I'm not at all happy at this moment but I'm thankful for the life and faith of Sean, one of our bell ringers who died this morning.  He's been through all kinds of heck in his life but has in the last year or two rededicated his life both to his family and his God.  Every week during our prayer time he asked God to bless his family and to give him guidance for the week.

We also mourn the loss of a retired pastor.  He was such a loving and dear man.  He was very ill and his death is a mercy.  We rejoice at his calling home to Jesus.  

The Easter lilies on my front patio seemed especially appropriate this evening.


  1. Who is Sean? What happened? I'm sorry to hear the news. I'll add special prayers this evening.

  2. Sean rang in the bass with us for quite a long time. Heavy set fella, always on C4/D4. Steady as a rock during performance, slower in rehearsal. But, once he had it he had it.


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