Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day by Day

Day 166

I am thankful for a peaceful classroom.  We're still off schedule, well no, we're on schedule but the general ed. classrooms are still a bit off.  Round 4 of testing is 3rd trimester benchmarks.  One 4th grade girl came in this afternoon and asked if we could play Crazy 8s.  "My head is full of benchmark information."  Yes, of course, we can play a round or two of Crazy 8s and clear our heads.  Reading can wait a few minutes.  In the midst of changing schedules and the rigors and frustrations of testing I'm glad that our students find our classroom a haven and a peaceful place. 

So many evenings I sit down and don't know what I'm thankful for.  Then I go over my day and think about what was and what's coming and somehow it comes.  Sometimes I sit here and ask God for a heart of thankfulness and a spirit of joy.    Some days I know exactly what my thankfulness will be and other days I'm surprised. 

The flower pots are up to 9 calla lilies today.  What a delightful surprise to go out each morning see how they have changed overnight. 

Where is my pen?  I found my focus!

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