Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Reading, Field Trip, and Flowers

Day 164

I am thankful for round three of testing at school being finished.  Right on the heels of state testing we, in RSP, stop dead in our tracks and proceed to test reading fluency across the entire school.  The psychologist and K-3 teacher take K, She takes 1st and 2nd, and we do 3rd and 4th.  5th grade gets this round off but usually we test them, too.  It can be fun.  Today a 3rd grade girl read 200 words/minute on one passage.  I told her that fast was fine but she had to read expressively, too.  So she did-193 expressive words/minute.  I would have liked to have her read silently and time her but that would have been sheer curiosity.  My slowest reader was 23 wpm.  We have about 6 make-ups to do so we're essentially finished.  whew.

I'm also joining our 5th grade students on a field trip tomorrow to the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles.  They're too young for the Holocaust experience but apparently there is an age appropriate experience.  I've neglected to read up as I'm a chaperon and not one of the lead teachers.   Maybe when I finish here.

One last amaryllis is blooming and there are 8 pink calla lilies up.  Very pretty.   The santolinas continue to fascinate me and elude wonderful portraits.  I did get a couple good shots with a pen in the picture for size comparison.

Today's Flower Show:

Back lit in late afternoon.  It's a very coral-red.  

All in pots:

My tiny little obsession:

Not the clearest photo but you can get an idea of how tiny
the little flowers that make up the flower head really are.

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