Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Last Spring Rehearsal, 5 days of school and counting.

Day 179

If an Easter Lily blooms at Pentecost do I need to dye it red?

I am thankful for lilies that bloom simply because they are made that way.   I noticed this evening that Easter lilies in particular are very geometric.  It would be fun to cut one apart but then it wouldn't be on the plant to enjoy.   Spent blooms would be icky to dissect.

We had our last choir rehearsal of the season this evening.  We sing for 3 more weekends but the same songs so no rehearsal needed.

At school we have practically no will to work.  Our attendance is so irregular that we should have ended groups this week.  At least with smaller groups the kids are getting more attention.

Zero period geometry

Newest Calla

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