Friday, February 12, 2010

Blue Sky

Day 76

I am thankful for community.  From family to colleagues to neighbors, for each small community, and from waves across the street to hugs among friends I am thankful.

Happy Friday!  Happy Olympic Opening Ceremony!

Happy Blossom Time.  Just barely open Purple Leaf Plum blossoms. :

Apricot blossoms are not too far behind:

Blue, blue sky in the background of both photos!  Between our first full day of sun, slightly warmer weather, and the promise of afternoon parties the children were quite squirrely today.   By the end of the day they were sugar high and sun drunk.  I think the entire staff was happy to see them walk out the gate at the end of the day.

Update, later this same evening:  The scarf is finished! The scarf is finished!  It is off the loom, washed and rinsed, and laying on a towel to dry.   It will have to wait for Tuesday to fly off to Boston but fly it shall!   The Olympics opening ceremony is over and I'm off to sleep.  Trip to visit with Sis this weekend, yay!  Must rest!

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