Thursday, February 18, 2010


Day 82

I am thankful that my niece and her friend stayed overnight with me on their way to Disneyland!  We had a nice dinner and talked shop most of the evening as we watched some Olympic coverage.    The photo I took this morning came out blurry-phooey.

The Purple Leaf Plum blossoms continue to be a delight:

The Chevron Scarf is coming along:


It's about 12 inches now and the yarn shows a very soft varigation/striping.  


  1. Is this the rhubarby colored scarf? It's lovely. The blossoms, too, are stunning! And how wonderful to have niece and friend visit! Life is so good, isn't it?

  2. Amen, life is good. Yes, this is the rhubarby colored yarn. It has that color and then a bluish-purpley color. I'm liking it a lot in how it looks and how it is to have in hand.

    I entered a blog contest and my comment number was chosen. This yarn was the prize! It was a very generous prize.

    K and J are delightful. Amazing what you learn in an evening about one's niece!


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