Thursday, February 25, 2010


Day 89

I am thankful for the faith God gives us to trust him.  A mix of probably good and oh, so not good news from work today.  Not so good?  First negotiation offer from work has an 11.5% pay cut, and benefits changes that increase the % to 12-20% depending on what changes are implemented.  I don't think anyone breathed for a good 30 minutes this morning.  We are an entire generation of people who have never faced this.  I know I'll be ok-the part where faith and trust come in.

Maybe good?  The job change I wanted is more of a definitely maybe now.   I'm am more likely to be working in speech and language than not.  I'm not quite ready to celebrate but I'm beyond grateful.   I've been certain that it wasn't going to be this year and maybe two before the position opened.  Grateful.

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  1. That first negotiation would definitely make one hold one's breath for a while, rapidly contemplating the impacts, and thank God (literally) that you can put trust in Him. I know sometimes it doesn't always work out the exact way we want (but one can hope!), but at least the anxiety can be lessened. It is a difficult place for many people these days, but we are not alone -- we have wonderful family and friends, and an awesome God.

  2. Yep, and district put the worst possible scenario on the table. Some of us think it was unnecessary, unkind, and unlike our district to do so. What a week.


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