Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cold Winds of Winter!

Day 73

I am thankful for good cheer.  In spite of the clouds and rain the denizens of my classroom were cheerful and hardworking today.  I kept my cloudy grumps to myself.  Morning recess was cancelled so we had hot cocoa and cheese crackers and then the kids had free choice on the computers.  Since we were on rainy day schedule game day in my classroom at lunch was much appreciated.  

Did it ever rain today.  I kept thinking to go outside and take pictures of the swamps between the buildings and the marsh of a playground but never quite had those 5 minutes and a camera at the same time.  I did manage to take a lot of pictures on the way home.

Photos, photos, photos!:

This is the same field from a few days ago.  Snow!  Look how low-I'm guessing 3000 feet.  The high was predicted to be about 55*F today.   At 4:40 p.m. my car said it was 46*F. outside.  Brrrr.   

The sun finally came out toward the end of the day.   On days like today I covet a more powerful camera and the know-how to use it.  The light and shadows on the hills were so distinct.

This reminds me of growing up.  The ground is saturated and the run off has no where to go but the street.

The greeter at the gate to my back yard.  I like how the knot in the board gives him a second eye.

The welcome turkey by the front door.   The last storm was so windy that I took down quite a few of my wind chimes.  This fella claimed the hook near the door out of the wind and rain.

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