Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sometimes It's Better Not to Knit

Day 68

I am thankful for parents who keep their sick kids at home.  In contrast to October when it seemed that every sick kid came to school this week parents seem to be keeping their children home.  I wish I knew what the difference is.  It has been good for all of us to have smaller groups and times in the day with no groups.  The kids who are still in school are getting more of our attention.  For resource kids it's precious time to have them one on one.   Sadly, I'm feeling like one of those sick kids shared.  Zinc melts are my friend. 

Today's yarnie lesson from home is sometimes you have to go back a row or 12 in your knitting.  I couldn't face taking out what I'd done tonight so I'll get to it tomorrow or Saturday.   I was on such a roll, too.   This may have a bit to do with the need for zinc melts!  Ah well.


  1. I thought I had an error in my knitting, and fretted about taking part of it out, thinking I might create more of a mess, but on closer look, it was fine, just a bit tight in one place. Whew.

    We sometimes have fewer kids in school too, but it's because some moms keep their kids home on rainy days because they don't want them walking to school in the rain (not having warm clothes, rain protection, etc.) One rainy day we only had 2/3rds of the preschool class.

  2. Fortunately for our ADA most of the families think nothing of the rain. Even though we're a mostly "walker" school a good portion of the parents drop the kids off and pick them up.

    I've "tinked" often enough not to take most things apart but I don't like doing it. So tedious.


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