Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The fatigue before the virus

Day 87  I let the evening get away from me.  Rather than shaking off the sleepies I'm going to bed.  Hopefully I'll catch up to myself tomorrow.

Tuesday: There was much to be thankful for from the glory of God's creation to the wonder of learning.  Although, from my allergy/cold ridden brain it feels all the same.  Still, I like this habit of thankfulness so here a bit of the glory of creation:


  1. The color of the blossoms is really beautiful. Is this taken at sunrise (or sunset)?

  2. I had to go and check my photos to be sure. Sunset. I've come home several times this week to find the tree an almost golden color.

  3. Yes, the color is simply breathtaking. Keeper shots! Hope to see you next weekend at Dad and Florence's house, if you decide to come. I missed seeing you at Shaver.


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