Saturday, February 20, 2010


Day 84

I am thankful for wood, bolts, screws, nuts, and coupons.  I have a new loom and I've been struggling because my hands hurt after working with it a short time.  Into my e-mail for this week's Michael's coupon and off to see if they have any kind of stand.  I found an embroidery stand that with the coupon was worth a try.  I'm liking it!  It holds my loom nicely.  it fits in front of me nicely.  I can adjust it easily.  I even assembled it with not too much trouble.  With the addition of a clip on light I'm good to go.

Here's the loom, up close and personal:

And here is the loom on its stand:

 I decided for Lent to commit to 30 minutes/day of prayer and knitting.  The knitting project will be knit hats for cancer patients.  I don't have to think about the caps and can keep my fingers busy while I'm talking and listening to God.

First hat: 

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