Sunday, February 21, 2010


Day 85

I am thankful for a little more rainy, cloudy weather.  I hope the mountains are getting lots of good snow.

Here in the valley spring fills my front yard:

Church this morning with our guests Liberated Wailing Wall.  Their presentation and time of worship with us was very moving.   Mostly home this afternoon knitting.  I finished the 2nd baby bootie for the the family at work.  I forgot to take a picture of the hat that my student and I worked on but here are the matching booties:


Cute, huh?

Cute little story, too.  This student has been telling us since early January that Mommy is having twin boys.  Yes, yes, she went to the doctor and he showed her pictures-twins, boys.  (already 3 younger brothers).  Imagine our surprise when she brought a shower invitation that says, "It's a girl!"   Mommy had a 2nd ultrasound that showed one baby and a girl at that.  The ladies in the office were as amused as we were when I asked them to confirm since we'd been knitting hats for baby boys!

Thank goodness the knitting goes quickly on little projects!


  1. Cute little booties, and a great story as well (I was going to say "to boot", but thought it too corny, oh, but I said it anyhow, didn't I?) :)

  2. hahaha, yes, boot, bootie, and booty of more than one variety do spring to mind.


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