Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Why Did The Geese Cross The Road?

Day 66

I am thankful for back talkin' children.  Why?  Because if this is the worst of the behavior problems among my children then I'm having a pretty good year!  Still working on dampening the argumentative whining but I was reminded today of past difficult children and these problems can't hold a candle to some of those of children I've had before.

It turns out the goose (definitely domesticated) from a few days back has friends:


She was out and about yesterday morning. (I've named her Marjorie)  I came across these ladies as I was coming in to work.  My first friend is the last in the line.:

So, why did the geese cross the road?  It's gonna be stupid so stop reading if you don't want to know......




To see where the Chicken went! Of course!


Marjorie, I'm sure I saw the Chicken head this way, c'mon already!


  1. I told my class the chicken and goose joke. The next thing I knew we had the entire barnyard across the road following the chicken. I ended the goofiness by asking, "Why did the farmer cross the road?" They mostly said to follow whatever the last animal was. "No, the farmer crossed the road to bring the chicken back!"

    It was even more fun to watch the light bulbs light up one by one as they figured out that if the farmer brought the chicken home the rest of the animals would follow.

    Such hilarity among my little peoples.


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