Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Day 45

Anniversaries are not something I generally celebrate, being single.  But, today (Jan. 12) is the 1 year anniversary of Mom's death and, in our time, the first anniversary of her life with Jesus in Heaven.

That was for yesterday.  I am thankful for Mom's life of faith, her death that was the opening of her eternal life.

I am not thankful for the foibles of the electrical age that borrowed my service for the evening yesterday so that I couldn't post, read, check e-mail.  So internet dependent!  I am thankful that service is restored from wherever it had gone.

I had a long, long thankfulness post from yesterday ready in my head but it's gone.  Gone, gone.  Not just about Mom, it's gone.

So, I will celebrate the Resurrection of the Christ as I remember the life of my mother with a tradition from my old blog.

Flower photo of the day:

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